Prague's Rainbow Guest House

Bulharska 4
101 00 Praha
Czech Republic

+420 271 725 664
+420 731 165 022

Prague's Rainbow Guest House is located in a 1910 Art Nouveau Building in a residential neighborhood within the city center of Prague/Praha.
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Prague Castle

Prague Castle, dating back to the 9th century, is the largest ancient castle in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records and is the most popular and visited sight in Prague.

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge Crossing it is everyone's favorite activity. The 500 meter long bridge was begun by the Charles IV and completed some years later during the reign of his son King Wenceslas IV.

National Theatre

The National Theater The National Theater is one the most important and the most magnificent of all the theaters in the Czech Republic. It was a result of the re-emergence of Czech nationalism during the mid 19th century and was funded by public donation. It lies adjacent to the beautiful Vltava River.

Old Town Square

The huge Old Town Square has been Prague's heart since the 10th century and was its main marketplace until the beginning of the 20th century.

Emauzy convent "Na Slovanech"

The Emausy Convent was completed in 1372 for a Slavonic order of Benedictines by order of Charles IV. It was rebuilt in the baroque style in the 17th century.

Bethlem Chapel

Bethlehem Chapel is one of Prague's most important churches. It is the birthplace of Hussitism where the reformist, Jan Hus preached from 1402 to 1412.

National Museum

The city's grandest museum was designed in the neo-Renaissance style and finished in 1890. It is the architectural symbol of the Czech National Revival.

Astronomical Clock

Crowds congregate in front of the Old Town Hall's Astronomical Clock to watch the glockenspiel spectacle that occurs hourly from 8am to 8pm. Built in 1410, the clock has long been an important symbol of Prague.

The Old-New Synagogue

Europe's oldest 'working' synagogue was completed about 1270 and where continuously for more than 700 years the faithful have been praying.

Queen Anna Royal Summer Place "Belveder"

The most beautiful piece of Renaissance architecture north of the Alps was commission by Ferdinand I as a summer palace for his wife, Anne in the mid 16th century. It adjoins the lovely royal garden which leads up to Prague Castle.

Prague's Rainbow Guest House is within walking distance or easy tram access to much of Prague's night life as well as many wonderful local restaurants.
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